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Implementing Jekyll

Recently, I reflected upon my school's BBC Young Reporter (previous name BBC School Report) website: I decided that the design was very outdated, and when I originally designed it, my design sense wasn't quite up to scratch. Thus, I redesigned it with Google's newly released Material Design 2.0. I really like this design language, but found it difficult implementing it on a static site, hosted on GitHub Pages - which means I can't install it locally to the server using npm i material-components-web , which is the recommended method. I had to use, therefore, the procedure detailed in this post . The process for adding an article to the site was also very long-winded, involving placing the article content in two sets of HTML, then placing that HTML on three or more pages. I was not at all satisfied with this, so, with the BBC Young Reporter day coming up (6 th March), I set out finding a new way to add articles. When I first set up my website, I came across Jekyll,