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Infographic: The Archerfish

Here is an infographic about the archerfish, detailing what it must do to catch its prey, how it accounts for refraction and gravity, and how it uses fluid dynamics to ensure maximum impact when its water jet hits its prey. Please check out my GitHub, @mgrove36 , and GitLab, @mgrove36 ; if you have any ideas for projects I could do, please leave them here .

Implementing Material Design for the Web on My New Demo Website

My most recent project has been creating a new Material Design 2.0 demo website, used for hosting any small coding projects I may have (e.g. for Computer Science lessons). The idea came about last Thursday, after I was given a Computer Science assignment to replicate the Luhn Algorithm. I was already keen to experiment with Material Design 2.0 (what with it being released only a few months ago), and I enjoy developing websites - so a natural step was to create a Material Design web app. Firstly, you may be wondering what on earth is the Luhn Algorithm?  It is a checksum algorithm used for credit cards and the like - it checks that the card number entered is valid, using a rather simple process: it reverses the digits, then each digit in an odd indexed position (based on zero-indexing) is doubled. If this comes to more than 9 (i.e. more than one digit), it subtracts 9 (the same as adding the digits). Finally, if the sum of all of the digits (replacing those at odd-indexed positions