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Black Thunder Updates & My Recent Trips

It's been a while since I lasted posted, but have been rather busy. I travelled to Mojácar, South East Spain and Bekonscot Model Village & Railway, where I have taken lots of photos - which will be appearing on my Instagram account soon. The model railway at Bekonscot was truly amazing; I spent many hours there and would thoroughly recommend it. Spain was also brilliant, but very hot and barren.

Recently, I have also shaken up the design from Black Thunder's (notice the name change from Black Thunder FLL) website, along with rebranding everything to Black Thunder. This meant changing our web & email addresses and social media handle to and rs_blackthunder.

I originally planned to create two main pages for our website: one for Pi Wars (another robotics competition that we plan to compete in this year) and one for the FLL. However, on contemplation, I thought that it would be better to have one main page - like before - explaining who we are and what …