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New Photography Feed

I have just launched a new photography account on Instagram:! Please go and check it out; follow if you're interested. Here's a taste of what you'll find:

These photos were all taken at Cobnor Point or Emsworth, England, and are © Copyright Matthew Grove 2018.

Custom Email Addresses, SSL Certificates & Custom Bitlinks

I have given up on using Zoho Mail for custom email addresses, but have just discovered a different service: Yandex.Connect. This provides what is seemingly the same service as Zoho Mail, except it allows .tk, .ml, .ga, .gq and .cf domains (notice that these are all of the free ones from Freenom) - although when you sign up, make sure you do it through, as opposed to, which is an older service (they are migrating to Yandex.Connect) that doesn't allow all of the free domains. Yandex.Connect is a free service, with unlimited mailboxes of an unlimited size (as far as I know); I have now got a customised personal email address ([email protected]), along with ones for and (a water-saving project and Reading School's Robotics Club, respectively).

You may have noticed that I'm rather keen on finding money-saving (i.e. free) ways of doing normally costly things. So far, I have 8 domains, three of which have cust…

Domain Names

Wow. The Territory is such an amazing book. I definitely recommend it.
Back on topic: recently I've acquired some domain names - for free! I've been using Freenom to get free .tk,.ml, .ga,.gq and .cf domain names; I think this service is great, as you have full access to the DNS (unlike with FreeDNS). Thus, I am now hosting my blog at (the website you're most probably on now); I plan to get custom email addresses, through Zoho Mail.
I have found Zoho Mail to be the only free email hosting service I could find that supports custom domains. However, I have run into a rather sizeable problem. They block .gq domains. This means that the domain name I was going to use is now redundant. Yay. I am yet to find an alternative, as it seems all of the free domain names are blocked on Zoho (although they still haven't confirmed this) - so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please leave them here.
Also this week, I have been experimenting with GitLab. T…